Monday, April 4, 2011

Are our dreams a part of reality?

     Dreams... That is something today's science can not explane. Every night we see a lot of dreams, which we often don't remember. They may consist of  past situations from our life, future events or just some kind of weird "fairytales". Nobody knows why do we see these images, getting new ideas or emotions while sleeping.
     So... Why did I started to write about dreams? Yesterday I got a message from my friend, who lives in Estonia. He wrote me, that he had a dream about me. I was quite surprised, because I didn't expected that I will ever come to someone's dream just because I didn't see him for almost a year. Actually I didn't think just about one person. I thougt about the time I spent with my friends in Estonia before i left... And today... guess, what happened... I got another message from another friend, who also had a dream about me...  What will be tomorrow? Another message with the same content?
It's not impossible, but it's happening to me! 
I don't know how, but i surely know IT WORKS!