Saturday, January 22, 2011

The winter is back again!

Week ago we had spring weather in Czech Republic. It's quite odd to have the air temperature +7 - +10 degrees in the second winter month... The sun was shining and the birds were singing, but was it so good?
Most of us would allege, that there's nothing wrong, because last 2 years were practically the same. But I'm utterly convinced, that it's not normal to have the "spring" in the middle of the winter. Humanity had interfered to the "innermost things" of the nature and the nature started to delude itself and everything was driven to madness. This hot winter weather is only the consequence of humanity's big mistakes, which can't be justified.
So... I don't entirely understand the people's joy of having no snow and no frost outside in January. It's just ridiculous to persuade, that this is the normal winter. 
Slowly but surely we route ourselves to the wrong and dangerous way...
And now... Just look outside from your window! Think what you have just read about... Look at your calendar (What month it is? What should it be like?)
Enjoy the REAL winter! Don't worry, you'll have enough hot and sunny days during other seasons!