Thursday, August 19, 2010

Here I am, in Janske Lazne. This is amazing place with the beautiful nature and, the most important for me, of course is that we are in the mountains))) Sorry, I have no czech letters and can't write the name of this place correctly))) Anyway... Here I'm speaking English, Czech and Slovak) Trying to speak Czech language, I speak Slovak) Don't really know why is it so. As for the yesterday's day... It was quite tiring. First I had a flight to Helsingi and from there to Prague. The airport of Prague is soooooo big, but I like it very much!!! From the airport we went to YFU CZ office. It took more time, than it may take, 'cause I came to Prague by the time of heavy traffic, especially in the city center. In the office we had a rest and then went to a restaurant named HUSA, where I tryed national czech meal. After that we returned to YFU office and had a rest before the long trip to Janske Lazne(as well as I remember it's about 160km far from Prague) And now I'm here) It's the best place I've ever been to!!! Believe me, I'm really happy!!!!!!!!!!