Monday, June 13, 2011

Předodjezdový seminař YFU 2011

Díky všem za skvělý výlet do Srbska :)
Jsem ráda, že jsme strávili tři rozkošné dny spolu!

10-12 JUNE 2011

We had the last YFU seminar of our year in the Czech Republic. It was really amazing, when you do not think about going home in 2 weeks. Nobody of us (exchange students) don't want to go away from this beautiful country where we have a lot of new friends... We have rich experience in the international sphere and are better prepaired to independent life in Europe. Some of us will probably come back to the Czech Republic one day to study or just to meet friends and host-family. I'm sure, that this year gave us a lot and we are really proud of ourselves!

Thanks to all, who had made our exchange year the best year of our lifes!

See you in the YES!